That number ring any bells? You’ll find out soon enough…

After watching Michigan State and UCLA play one helluva college basketball game for the middle of November (the #1 team in the country, losing most of the game to #11 MSU, came back and won 68-63–they didn’t even lead in the game until there was 30 seconds left), I was still wide awake. Since I wasn’t in the mood to play Guitar Hero III or NCAA 08, and figuring out how to make a Genesis emulator work with your PC was too much to try to figure out at 1230 in the morning, I decided to go old school.

Yep, I hooked up the ol’ NES.

Having not played the thing in years, I was a little concerned that it wouldn’t work anymore. Those concerns easily went away after I popped in Tetris, when after doing the usual tricks to get the cartridge to work on came the familiar music from [i]The Nutcracker[/i]. I originally put this game in first because I wanted to hear the music that Cal’s band used a few weeks ago (I put the video in my youtube thread, check it out), but realized that music was from the GameBoy version. Oops–still played it for a good 20 minutes.

Next? Super Mario Bros. I was never really good at that game. Still suck at it.

Next? Tecmo Bowl. You know it–played three games of that bad boy…and still want to play more. I forgot how dominating Bo Jackson truly was in this game–there’s only one designed play for him and he busts tackles like no one’s business. Cleveland, Dallas, and Indy all felt my wrath early this morning. No stat keeping and this game was still as fun as I remember it being…and I think it’s funny that the current Lions GM was a linebacker for LA back when this game was made. I think he got more picks in the three games I played than he ever got in his career.

Ninja Gaiden followed, and I honestly have no idea how the hell I beat that game all those years ago without any saves.

Lastly was Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out!!, still my all-time favorite game from the NES (that code ring a bell now?). Surprisingly I beat Tyson on my first try at him (only needed 5000 points to get a decision, I always remembered), and got that mark with about 10 seconds to spare in the last round. Then I played from the beginning and made a fairly decent run before sleep finally decided to bless me for the night.

After the last few weeks–natch, months–of what seemed like pure hell, it was good to go back way old school and just play for fun. Crazy what used to entertain us back in the day…today I think it’s gonna be Ice Hockey, Blades of Steel, Double Dribble, and Contra (anyone remember how that code went?).


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