The one where Norm tries something completely different even though it’s been done at other places

I’ve seen this done at too many places to even begin listing, but here’s the general idea: type for 20 minutes whatever comes to mind. Once that 20 minutes is up, publish and go about the rest of your day. Might as well, it’s not like I’m exactly throwing posts up here at an alarming rate anyway. ANNNNNNNNNNNNNNND…start the clock.

A few years ago I wrote a post off of not over analyzing things and just going with the flow…yeah, I don’t think I’ve succeeded in that regard. I tend to talk myself into or out of all matter of things, and in hindsight a bunch of those situations I probably should have acted differently than what I actually did. I’ve let people and things ultimately slip away because a lot of the time I was too concerned with rocking the boat. A lot of it has to do with confidence, and for me it’s been hovering right around middle (between arrogance and no confidence at all, probably closer to the latter-and if you’re a visual person I’m sorry but my graphic capabilities wouldn’t help you much anyway). I can say I’ll fix it but it’s not easy to do, so all I can say is I’ll try to be a bit better everyday.

It amuses me that I looked up whether it was ‘over analyzing’ or ‘overanalyzing’.

I got to hangout with some good friends last night at the Tigers game, and these are all people I’d met through the wonders of the Twitter world (enfuerno!). We’re all Red Wings fans too and that’s how we all officially met (H2H, fuck yeah!), but getting to know them is even better. There are pics at a few spots, and I took some too-once I figure out how to post them from my new phone there will be more too. It troubles me that my new phone (my first foray into the smartphone category) may be smarter than I am. I actually think it’s mocking me-‘haha, I know stuff but I’m going to hide it from you until you figure it out, sucker’.

Anyway, back to the friends thing: a Wings loss in the second round would’ve driven me nuts, but having the opportunity to vent about it with a whole lot of like minded (and some not like minded) on Twitter made it alright, cathartic even. Now we’re all witnessing a Red Wings team gearing up for a new season in less than a month and you can tell that same whole lot of us are ready to go. It’s fun. It also makes me wonder how beneficial Twitter or other Social Media outlets would’ve been in earlier times (and if not beneficial just downright hilarious).

H2H2 is going to be awesome.

No more over analyzing…more acting.



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