Writers’ block can kiss my a$$: my 2010 Michigan Football Preview

Another season kicks off for college football and the Michigan Wolverines

A few days ago I had this idea for a post about previewing the upcoming Michigan football season. Then I even decided to expand on that a bit and asked a couple other friends if they would also like to write about their teams on their sites and then in a separate post we’d all have a nice little roundtable format to talk about the upcoming season and beyond. Both Doug (of The Detroit Transplant blog) and Joe (of the Joe Knows Stuff blog) loved the idea and within a matter of days had their respective previews for Michigan State and Wisconsin up and ready to go. So that leaves me…

…and of course, I now have the worst case of writer’s writers’ (I’m off on my grammar-what is it, writer’s or writers’? Do you care? I really hope none of my former English professors read this) block. I honestly don’t know where to start with the Wolverines, there are so many angles that I can take (and many of those have probably already been done over and over and over). Not a good thing for someone that needs to hammer out a blog post, but maybe that even speaks volumes about all the questions surrounding this storied football program that over the last couple of seasons has fallen on some really hard times. Alright, let’s get moving.

Things were going so well at the start of 2009...


The 2009 season started off about as well as you could hope for when true Freshman QB Tate Forcier took over the Rich Rodriguez spread offense and looked like a seasoned veteran running it. He led an amazing last second comeback against Notre Dame and the team quickly started off 3-0 heading into conference play. The Michigan Wolverines were back, and taking on all challengers…but then the Big Ten conference schedule started. Escaping with a win against Indiana, and then suffering their first loss at East Lansing a week later (Tate Forcier led a late drive in the 4th quarter to tie the game up, but the interception he threw in OT ultimately cost the Wolverines a chance at victory and gave the Spartans a rare two-game winning streak in the rivalry game) seemed to send the team into a downward spiral that ended with a second straight season of no postseason. This year it’s still up in the air as to which QB will start behind center: Tate Forcier or Denard Robinson (highly touted true freshman Devin Gardner is also apparently in the mix). For the first time under Rich Rod’s watch the offensive line finally seems to have some depth and competition, the group of wide receivers is versatile and experienced, and with Michael Shaw eligible the Wolverines have four running backs that could all see significant playing time. We all saw glimpses of what this offense could do last year, and all Michigan faithful should expect continued growth here. Quite simply it has to be brilliant, because the next topic is, well…


This defense was giving up bunches of yards and points last season with departed defensive studs Brandon Graham and Donovan Warren. Those two now gone, plus a young secondary already depleted by injuries (Troy Woolfolk was the only CB with starting experience and he’s out for the year), and I pretty much imagine every opposing offensive coordinator on Michigan’s schedule this season is looking at that defense and laughing much like most Wings fans were laughing at the Blackhawks Cap situation this past summer (and if you’re a Red Wings fan reading this, let’s pause and do it again: HAHAHAHAHA…I never said I was above cheap laughs). The best I can hope for is that the entire defense steps up and improves in a hurry, because if they don’t…it’s going to be ugly.

Everything Else…

I don’t really feel like getting into all the Coach Rodriguez issues, so I’m not going to (for now…and by the way, if you’re annoyed by my constant use of parentheses my apologies). My best hope looking at the schedule is a 7-5 season, but even that is me being overly optimistic. I hope you’ll check in for a roundtable coming up with Doug and Joe…and Go Blue.


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  1. Good work, brosef. Keep these blogs coming!

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