Depends on whom you ask-another random train of thought 20 minute post

It occurred to me that ever since I did this blogger profile over at Hockey Blogette a couple of weeks ago (and if you haven’t checked out that hockey blog run by my friend Jenn, you should), I haven’t written much lately.

But Norm, that’s what you usually do-hammer out a couple of posts and then ignore it for a bit.

True, but I figure if I’m going to do a profile, then I should probably write a bit more than I usually do. So why not just start the clock and start writing? Here we go…

Of course, the first thing I write about is checking a couple of the grammar issues I wasn’t sure about: who/whom (still not sure if that works in the title page), and double checking then/than usage (I was correct, but just wanted to make sure).

A few months ago I wrote about not overanalyzing things, and looking back at that post I’m starting this one the same way. Have I improved at all in that regard? Hell no, but all I can do is keep plugging away at it. I at least catch myself doing the overanalyzing bit which wasn’t the case at all before, but just letting things flow/come what(ever) may/let the chips land wherever is still something I need to learn to do a bit more effectively. I know I’m not the only one but I tend to replay even trivial chance encounters over and over in my head, wondering just what exactly I could’ve done/said differently…not just the ‘game changing’ events that occur a little less often. I need to stop that.

Also looking back at that post I referenced in the previous paragraph, I truly did enjoy Twitter then. I still love getting to know the people I’ve met through it, and the ones I have met have turned out to be good friends, good people and I wouldn’t trade any of those experiences. There are still even more people I look forward to meeting. But as usual, time can change everything. I closed down one Twitter account and have given thought to leaving it altogether. I love the stream of information, I love the quirky, hilarious nature of my friends, I even love the occasional disagreement. But sometimes I feel like I…got lost along the way. Maybe it’s a break that’s needed…I guess that all depends on who you ask (still not sure if that’s correct).

So what am I?

A good friend that’ll stay loyal and defend you even when I think you’re nuts? Sure, without a doubt and my closest friends know that.

Okay, what else?

Someone that can be talked to? Someone that trusts even when I say time and again that I won’t be so quick to trust (like the great philosopher Greg House MD says, “Everybody lies”)?  A confidant? A lover? An asshole? A selfish, sarcastic prick? An easy mark? A hard target? A role model, a bad example, a dreamer, a realist, normal, happy-go-lucky, a grouch?

Someone that, other than a couple of year-end projects with Doug from The Detroit Transplant (hey, I plug other blogs when I can, and he writes a helluva lot more than I do-entertaining too) is tempted to, if not close his Twitter account down just take a long break and disappear for awhile? I do have the number of or am Facebook friends with everyone that matters…right?

Someone that knows this went a bit longer than 20 minutes to write but continued on anyway? (Okay, that’s true).

All that above, or none of it at all? I guess that just depends on who you ask.


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