Click here if you want to know just a little bit about me

One of these is true. I’ll let you decide which one.

A.) My name is Norm-I’m from the Great State of Michigan. Moved to Chicago. Moved back to Michigan. Started this blog way before then, and it’s still going now. I’m still a fledgling bass player and love almost all types of music. Also just finished up some more school type stuff so I might even have slightly more time to update this long forgotten page (although probably not). This will mainly be about…well, whatever I feel like talking about that day, simply because I don’t know what I might want to talk about on any given day. Besides, if you’ve seen how often I update this blog it’s pretty pointless to actually have a set topic. Let’s have some fun along the way, I hope you’ll enjoy following along-if you do, cool and if not then chances are I probably won’t see you back here again. I can live with that if you can. Don’t be afraid to comment if you see something you like or don’t like-discussion and debate is always welcome.

B.) Norm is the world-renowned author of 41 self-help books, bassist for the rock group Scotch & Rockets, and preparing to release his findings on time travel. He currently resides in Cape Hatteras, NC with his wife Lily and their dog Spunky Brewster.

DISCLAIMER: My posts at Far From the Norm are strictly the opinion of one person unless otherwise stated: ME. Not the community, not WordPress, not my employer…ME. This just means that if I write something that pisses somebody off (definitely a possibility), it’s me operating alone. You’re more than welcome to contact me with any questions/comments you may have.


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