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Another one of those ‘last look back at sports in 2010’ posts

Yes, I’m sure you’ve seen this a bunch of times already the last week-a column or photo collection of the images we’ve seen in sports the past year. I thought to try something unique: take a few sports photos from this past year and comment on them, as serious or as sarcastic as I want. That seems like a lot of fun, and it’s something different.

Seriously? That’s been done before too.

Oh, I suppose it has. Well I’m doing it anyway, and I even got Doug from The Detroit Transplant to chip in (over a week ago, too-yeah, I’m a bit of a procrastinator it seems). So sit back, grab a drink, throw on some music and continue reading if you haven’t already moved on to something else to kill time. Warning: some of these images might not be suitable for work viewing (Rex Ryan giving a one finger salute, Sidney Crosby and Matt Millen also appear), so you’ve been warned.

Doug: What a heart-warming moment. If there’s a model athlete in terms of perseverance and morality, Drew Brees is easily it. You know he’s got to be the best father ever.

Norm: You just had to know Brees was going to win every athlete trophy ever invented once this photo went out. I think he even finished second in the Hart Trophy voting behind Vancouver’s Henrik Sedin. Easily one of the best moments of the year, and seeing New Orleans win it had to give every Detroit Lions fan just a little bit of hope.

Doug: Whoa, hey! Rex Ryan isn’t a smart person? I would have never guessed. That’s why ya don’t flip people off, Rex! You can’t bury the internet.

Norm: This is one of the faces of the NFL, everyone. Now let’s go eat a g–damn snack.

Doug: This man made the daytime portion of the Olympics. He’s a genius. 

Doug: See my US Soccer response below.

Norm: I think I lost my voice at the very moment Parise tied the gold medal game up. I just knew Luongo would relent eventually, and he didn’t disappoint. I thought for sure the US was going to hand Canada their second crushing loss on home ice in 2010 (the US World Junior Squad knocked off Team Canada in the championship game of the 2010 IIHF World Junior Championships in January). But then…

Doug: What an awkward face. Although, I probably made the same face though when I saw the goal. Being a Canada fan my whole life, it was great to see the team be so dominant in the tournament, and to see them facing the US, which, was a feat in and of itself.

Norm: It just had to be the ‘Whiny Face of the NHL’ to score the goal to kill the US. A substandard showing in the entire tournament gets wiped off the slate with the OT dagger. The only good thing to come out of this photo were the numerous photochops that surfaced after. They are still out there, and hilarious.

Doug: This (Luongo bitching) has become a fixture in Vancouver. Maybe he should shut his mouth and make some saves, instead?

Norm: “Mr. Referee, it’s playoff time now. I’m ready for my annual choke job.”

Doug: After watching his Sports Science videos, I wanted him on the Lions. And look what a beast he’s been for us. The kid is gonna be the future and the face of our defense.

Norm: I’m so shocked when a draft pick works out for the Lions-I have Matt Millen to thank for that…and also the history of the franchise under William Clay Ford. Speaking of Millen…

Norm: I think all tv sets should come equipped with a Mute Matt Millen button. Mute Pierre McGuire too while we’re at it. The image of Matt Millen that Doug sent actually left him speechless, which is why his response isn’t here.

Doug: He’s (Jim Joyce) probably never been too great at Duck Hunt is my guess.

Norm: Ugh, the most famous blown call of 2010. Could’ve been one of the worst sports moments of the year, but what happened in the aftermath (and if you don’t know what happened, what rock have you been living under) made it an example of sportsmanship. Yes, it still exists.

Doug: what a great run for a team that had no business in the tournament really. Also, what a great way to build up the most disloyal bandwagon in the history of this country!

Norm: One of the most exciting moments in the World Cup, and just a great sports moment overall-everyone knew they needed a goal, and Landon Donovan delivered. I’m also curious about your comment, but we’ll save that for another day.

Doug: *barf*.

Norm: The only good thing about this is that it’ll probably be another 49 years before the bandwagon fanbase in Chicago sees another one. Ha.

Doug: The most self-centered, conceited move I’ve ever seen in sports. Bring all the kids from Cleveland in to break their hearts? Smart guy. This is how it’s done.

Norm: All that stuff I wrote about sportsmanship a minute or two ago? Yeah, don’t apply that here. Also, just click the link Doug provided if you haven’t seen Steve Carrell’s parody of The Decision.

Doug: He completed the process. No one will ever convince me otherwise. Thus, we are 5-9 (now 6-9, this should’ve come out a week ago–Norm) this year.

Norm: I still can’t believe that this wasn’t a catch. I think the season unfolds differently for both squads had this been ruled correctly.

Doug: Keeping the skirts on QB’s since 1990.

Norm: “My decision making seems to have gone downhill since the NFL forced me to cover up my biceps here. My apologies.”

Doug: Made my year. The drama, but not the publicity. It split this team in two, which means the Lions are no longer bottom of the barrel. Think about it– if they lose out and we win out, we finish with a better record. WOW.

Norm: I don’t know who is happier seeing this photo of Favre-FAIL, Jenn Sterger or everyone in Green Bay.

Doug: A fixture of the year in AZ, perhaps they should get a statue of this face at UA. He (Mike Stoops) whines and complains about every play.

Norm: I wanted to come up with something funny to say, but if you’ve read up to this point your hopes of seeing something funny from me probably dried up a bit ago.

Doug: Worst PR stunt EVER. How about put a winning football team on the field?

Norm: I’m certain I heard howls of laughter coming from East Lansing and  later on in Columbus (after someone had to explain to each person there why it would be funny). Please go away.

I’m now making one last addition. You can read what Doug has to say about it here. All I’ll say is this: Congrats, Ozzie. You earned it-here’s to a few more wins and another Stanley Cup celebration in June.

Happy New Year, everyone.


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